Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prohibited Items at the Government Center

Recently I wrote an article about prohibited items at the McHenry County Government Center. One reader commented that, if you pass the sign and enter the lobby to approach the security staff, then you have violated the law and any item of contraband can be confiscated. I disagree.

First of all, it's probably not a "law." It might not even be a County regulation or ordinance. It might just be a decision and announcement by the manager of the building. Does anyone know whether the County Board ever addressed items to be forbidden entry?
This sign is affixed to one of the doors at the west (main) entrance to the building. (Click on the image to enlarge it; then click on the Back button on your browser to return to this article.)
My first question about this sign is why is it in such a state of disrepair? The sign should have been created on sturdy enough material to be attached to the glass of the door and remain in good condition. In this multi-million dollar building are collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, fees, etc. Surely, a few more dollars could have been spent on a vinyl sign that would not be damaged as this one has been.
The next question is the prohibition of aerosol sprays. Pepper spray is already listed. Will security personnel prohibit a person from entering, if s/he has a medically-prescribed aerosol, such as for asthma? When the sign is replaced, should it read "certain aerosols"?
And liquid beverages? What about baby bottles containing formula? Will guards prohibit a person who is accompanied by an infant and who has bottle of formula with her (or him)? Sure, they are trying to keep bottles of flammable liquid out of the building, but why prohibit water or a soft drink from being carried into the building?


joe said...

Gus, there you go again, hypotheticals without any clue as to what you are takling about.. Next time you are at the courthouse why dont you politely ask, I am sure they would be happy to explain it to you. You cetainly are a tool

GeneL said...

Joe, you want to read an article from a real tool, read the anti-woodstock advocate by Gomer Pyle. That moron really thinks he's something. Sir pumpkin no-shank. I think Gus is referring to political business cards of a candidate running against the bully sheriff being confiscated by court security. That sounds like a crime to me. I'm sure Nygren will do a thorough investigation of that. He hasn't even investigated the two deputies involved in the Dalby case. I think one of them is the same tool I mentioned above.

Karen12359 said...

I wan't allowed to bring in a bottle of water that was still sealed. I guess they need to make money at the consession stand.

Frank said...

I didn't see Gus mention political business cards in this post. And those liquids are probably prohibited for the same reason they are on airplanes. No way to test what it really is meaning it could be anything from alcohol, to poison, to explosives. Why don't you ask TSA if you can take a sealed bottle of water on a plane. Oh...but this is only a courthouse? Why wouldn't we let someone walk in with a bottle of poision to slip into someone's drink!? You people are unbelieveable!

joe said...

Gus would be the first to complain if someone were able to bring a liquid into the building and release some noxious chemical that closed the place down and injured people. It would be the Sheriffs fault for allowing liquids into the government center of course. He would also be the first to complain, (which is what he does best) if he had to wait too long in line because the security folks had to check each liquid brought inside. They perform an important task,which is keeping everyone safe. When Gus is Sheriff (puke now), he can change the rules and let everything and everyone inside, jeapordizing everyone. Gus, you have less of a clue about security that you have about your dream of being sheriff

Gus said...

joe, United Air Lines ( lists "Flammable solids/liquids" as prohibited, not bottled water, soda, baby formula, etc.

So, now, tell me again why a visitor should not be able to carry bottled water into the Government Center.

Frank said...

Gus, you are correct. United Airlines does allow those things on the plane HOWEVER they would have been purchased from a store inside the airport! At the inital TSA security check point entering the airport those items go bye-bye. So are all the airports now doing what you claim the courthouse is doing? Making you throw it away just so you have to purchase something inside?

The Madd Bulldog said...

When I go to court (all too often) and the Public Defender doesnt forget who I am, I often "rent a kid" and smuggle my "Jungle Juice" in their baby bottle, which I use as a prop. When I say to the judge I am a willing blogger on Gus's site, the judge usually bursts out laffing and kicks me to the curb. Bummer, cuz I'm looking forward to a warm bed and 3-squares a day in the Graybar Hotel. DOH!