Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New ballgame in town?

Is there going to be a new ballgame in town? And I don't mean on U.S. 14 by the hospital.

How about on Route 47 between IL 176 to the west and 176 to the east? You know, all those cornfields down there in beautiful rural McHenry County?

Only it's not beautiful "rural" McHenry County; it's Lakewood! Rumor has it that there are plans for 27 ball diamonds and three hotels (motels?). $$$, going into sleepy ol' Lakewood.

And traffic? Whew! If you think it's bad on 47 now, just wait. Will Route 47 be widened for 3-4 lanes in each direction? ala Huntley? Racetrack City - on the way. But Lakewood will surely beef up its police department and attempt to control speeding and other traffic violations. Maybe it will even figure out how to put those violations in its own adjudication court and keep all the money at home.

The McHenry County Regional Planning Commission September 24 Meeting Agenda doesn't show this item. Could it come up there? Heck, when you look at that agenda, nothing will come up, because there are only general titles and no specific business.

October 1, 8:30AM Planning & Development Committee. There?

October 6, 9:00AM, is the next County Board meeting. Will it come up there?

And what does this mean for the baseball stadium plans over by the new gravel pit?

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