Friday, September 18, 2009

Altered Speed Zone

Recently I wrote about the new 40MPH speed limit as you enter Woodstock from the west on South Street. My opinion is that the 40MPH speed limit may not be enforceable, because a driver is given no warning that the speed limit is dropping 15MPH.

When a speed limit drops more than 10MPH, a driver is entering an Altered Speed Zone, and the driver is to be so informed (or warned). This is done with a Reduced Speed Ahead or Speed Zone Ahead, white regulatory sign with black letters and a smaller speed advisory sign below it with the new speed limit.

This afternoon I spotted such a sign on westbound IL 173 as I entered Chemung. In this case, the speed limit drops from 55MPH to 35MPH, a decrease of ..... hmmmm, let's see ... 20MPH. Aha, so speeds can be reduced more than 10MPH. This sign was probably installed by IDOT, since IL 173 is a State highway.

This is the type of sign that needs to be installed in McHenry County on eastbound South Street, as a driver approaches the 40MPH speed zone within Woodstock. Why not just do it?


whatmeworry? said...

Yeah, just do it. Who cares whether its legal or not.

Anonymous said...

Ha... me not worried about whatever the number is... I like 70mph and do that in most areas, including school zones. Been lucky so far... havent hit anybody... even when passing stopped school buses on the left.