Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vigil across from jail

Tonight at 7:00PM there was another, the third, vigil across the street from the McHenry County Jail. The vigil was held for the detainees in the Federal I.C.E. unit, where 60-70-80 detainees are being held, and the group gathered along the west side of North Seminary.

Tonight there were about 80-90 people present. The count continued to grow after the 7:00PM scheduled starting time. Candles were distributed, and many had brought their own candles. The wind took care of some of the candles, and small flashlights were distributed.

It was a time of prayers conducted in Spanish for those being held across the street. Local interest in providing religious contacts to detainees has been supported by the Sisters of Mercy, of Chicago. The Feds have agreed to increase visiting hours for religious purposes, but some here feel that the McHenry County Jail has been dragging its heels on complying with orders to increase visitation. Unnecessary delays may be occurring in approving registration (or certification or approval) of those to be allowed access to inmates ("detainees"). Visiting hours for religious contact do not count toward a person's normal visiting hours.

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whatmeworry? said...

Yes, lets all shed big tears for the lawbreakers. The opposite of compassion is justice.