Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NWH reports Nygren complaint

The Northwest Herald reported this morning on last Thursday's little escapade in the Jewel-Osco parking lot. The reporter called yesterday after he heard about the police report and after he talked to Sheriff Nygren.

I appreciated Brian Slupski's call, and he reported my side of the story pretty accurately. And I'll venture a guess that he reported Nygren's side pretty accurately, too. Too bad that he didn't "get" that side of the story accurately.

The "restaurant" mentioned in the article. Not really a restaurant at all. It's a bar. Try the Red Mill on Lake Avenue in Woodstock. As I told Brian, my car has never, in the 11 years that I've owned it, been in the parking lot at the Red Mill.

Two copies of the same article appear on www.nwherald.com The first was published yesterday, shortly after the reporter and I spoke. The second, with a different headline, was published today. Re-publishing the article means that the many Comments are divided between the two articles.

To find both, search for "Philpott" or for "blogger" on the Northwest Herald's website. Nineteen comments appear for yesterday's article, and the count at this time for today's article stands at 35.


Martin Penwald said...

.....You made a police report against a peace officer within his jurisdiction, of which he has sworn to protect, for looking at you?

Since when is being in a PUBLIC PLACE and LOOKING at people against the law?

It's people like you Gus who make the system bloated with junk, causing the redirection of needed resources away from REAL crimes.

joe said...

why do you still not address the issue that you posted the sheriffs vehicle information in previous posts, yet you suggest you did not know what he drove until Thursday. I dont think you are convincing too many that this was a chance meeting, that you happened to stop in the same parking lot, and that you were not following him. Instead of all the rhetoric please tell us what your real qualifications to be sheriff are. If you think the other blog site is amusing you are the absoulute wrong choice to consider for sheriff and actually a little on the scary side.

joe said...

I just looked at the herald website at both articles you suggested.. Seems just about unanimous that most think you should not go away mad, just go away

joe said...

Hey Gus, Red Mill has great food and good prices

Gus said...

joe, I may have posted someone's comment to an article that contained information that the sheriff drives a Tahoe. I don't remember. I searched for Tahoe and only the one recent article came up.

I don't know a Tahoe from a Blazer from a Jimmy from a Suburban, unless I see the name on the back of the vehicle. I never knew the sheriff's license plate number until last Thursday, but I do now. It's 196 3705, in case you want to follow him around.

For your information, I left MCC, drove to Woodstock on Country Club Road, turned into the Jewel-Osco parking lot and stopped. Now you tell me: How could I have known Keith was there or followed him?

I'll take a polygraph. Will he?

QuitWhiningAlready said...

I'm not quite sure this whole incident is "polygraph worthy", and those sorts of things cost money. There's no crime here, Gus, but you'd be willing to fritter away tax dollars on something this ridiculous?

Gus said...

Who said anything about spending tax dollars? How much does a polygraph cost - by an operator who is completely independent and trustworthy?

The Madd Bulldog said...

Personally, I think when the video tapes are reviewed, we're all gonna see Gus & Keith sharing a 40oz bottle of C45 washing down aspirin and viagra. DOH!

The Madd Bulldog said...

BTW- you're about to reach the 100K hit threshold. Can't believe that many fools have come here to theis scandlesheet... my drunken self included!
When you hit the mark, you should give us all a rebate for wasting our lives reading and posting to this mess! DOH!

The Madd Bulldog said...

Today at 100,185... when do we see the ca$h???