Sunday, September 13, 2009

Survey results - stadium funding

In a recent survey I asked the question, "Should the McHenry County Board approve $15 Million for the baseball stadium?"

Many thanks to the 58 readers who responded.

27 (46.6%) voted Yes
31 (53.4%) voted No

The McHenry County Finance & Audit Committee tabled Mark Houser's request on September 8, because EquityOne Sports Development had not secured financial backing for its proposed baseball stadium in Woodstock. Houser will probably be back on the Finance & Audit Committee's doorstep on September 22 to renew his request.

What's that famous line in Cool Hand Luke? "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

According to Kevin Craver's Northwest Herald article on September 9, Committee Chairman Marc Munaretto said, “I think what this committee wants to know is that there’s an investment banker or lender who has signed on with you. It sounds like you’re still in the competitive stage.”
Craver wrote later in his article that "Houser said after the meeting that the federal stimulus bonds were just a mechanism to help secure a lender."

Okay, so which way is it?

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