Saturday, September 12, 2009

Out with the old...

On Thursday of last week crews were at work "beautifying" the streets around the Woodstock Square - removing the old lamp posts and installing the new. Down the street from Bella's this team was taking out the old concrete posts.
Maintaining the beauty and historic nature of the Square is important in the years ahead. Equally important is maintaining the right "mix" of stores on the Square. The old and the new. Merchandise and services. And at the right prices, or customers will go elsewhere.

And here's the "new" lamp post. Like it? Check out the light output at night. Is it better?
At least, these lights are high off the street and not just below eye-level at intersections, like the streetscape lights at Dean and Calhoun.
How much time do you spend on the Square? Do you shop there? Do you even try to shop there, or do you consider the Square as a shopping place only for visitors. One day soon, go to the Square.
Park. Walk the streets. Go into the stores. Then vote with your dollars.
And, if you don't see much on the Square to attract the dollars from your wallet or purse, send an email to the Chamber of Commerce and let the Retail Committee know your opinion.

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