Friday, September 18, 2009

Survey - Past Crystal Lake Mayors

In a recent survey the question was “Which man was Mayor of Crystal Lake”?

OK, so I played mean; I played dirty… It was a trick question. There was only one correct answer.

But first, the results:

Aaron Shipley 21 (40%)
Carl Wade 8 (15%)
Bobb Waggoner 7 (13%)
George C. Wells 17 (32%)

The only correct answer was George C. Wells. Why?

The current mayor of Crystal Lake is Aaron Shepley (not Shipley). Previous mayors were Carl Wehde and Bob Wagner.

OK, so all you English majors out there might applaud the trick. Maybe. But what’s that deafening roar from the other direction?

Do spelling and name accuracy count for anything these days? Alright, I won’t do that again. Oh, wait; that should be “All right…”

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