Monday, September 14, 2009

FEN hits cyberspace

FirstElectricNewspaper has hit the ground (errr, monitors) running. FEN is a new online newspaper in McHenry County, and the publisher, Peter Gonigam, is covering Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and Huntley.

You can check it out at Happy reading!

Glad to see that its gets the cooperation of local law enforcement, so that it can publish the Police Blotters. I tried that here in Woodstock but, up north here, they don't agree that electronic communications includes "blogs". The word "blog" is not in the statute, and that was their cheesy excuse for not considering The Woodstock Advocate as "media." Now, if I could just get "blogspot" out of the URL.

I had been hoping for emailed Blotters, to avoid re-typing all the gory details. Woodstock is stuck in the Stone Age and still faxes crime reports to the "real" media.

Good luck, Peter.

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whatmeworry? said...

I think its more the moderator than the outlet.