Monday, September 21, 2009

New blog hits 1200 in first week

In just a week's time a new blog has surpassed the 1,200 mark on views. If you haven't been to the new Dirty site, drop on by and check it out.

It is hilarious and it's clever. Be sure to scroll from top to bottom, so that you don't miss the latest additions. They aren't all posted at the top, and the new stuff is not necessarily at the bottom. So put on your Sherlock Holmes' hat and search for the new material.

I wish I had even 1/4 of the talent of the person who has assembled that site. There are some things I've love to do with a video camera, a good Nikon with a long lens, and PhotoShop. But for the time being, this is it.


Martin Penwald said...

"It is hilarious and it's clever."

Hilarious, on the basis that anyone can get a blog and make a fool of one's self.

Clever, I say nay.

Re-posting images of which you don't own the copyright to, hard working people don't like there work plagiarized!

QuitWhiningAlready said...

I thought the same thing, Martin. Does the person posting this nonsense have permission to post these pictures? Probably not.

The content sounded more like the ramblings of a lunatic than something clever or snarky and frankly, I quit reading after about a minute and a half.

No thanks.

Karen12359 said...

I don't get most of it ... do you have to be an "insider" to get the meaning of the posts?
I thought it would have factual information with supporting documentation. (???)