Sunday, September 13, 2009

Loud Noise from the Square

What was cooking on the Woodstock Square today that caused the loud noise throughout the day? There must have been some type of organized festival on the Square that included amplified sound. And loud, it was!

Even at 6:15PM the noise could be heard five blocks from the Square. Was it really necessary to broadcast the music so that it was so loud?

This issue was raised a couple of years ago, and the response from the Opera House, which apparently controls the use of the Square and the volume of what I'll call "noise", was that the sound levels would be monitored during events on the Square.

I guess that was that year, and not this year.

Perhaps a new request will result in renewed monitoring and lower sound levels. I can't really see any good reason to allow residents for many blocks around the Square to be annoyed by the music from an event right on the Square itself.


Frank said...

Its a community event. Maybe the community should go down there and attend the event!

Gus said...

I hope the segment of the community that was interested in the event was there.

Whether it's am ompah-ompah German marching band, hillbilly fiddling, mariachi music or an outdoor opera singer, the volume should be such that it can be heard on the Square and only a short distance from it.

Maybe the Chamber of Commerce should survey the merchants around the Square for what they thought of today's event. Did it attract customers to the businesses on the Square or drive them away?

If it drove them away, the event should have been held at Emricson or another Park.

The Madd Bulldog said...

You weren't invited...

Karen12359 said...

Yes Gus, the swat team was hiding in the bushes waiting for your car. Be careful!