Sunday, January 1, 2012

Double fatality near Island Lake on 12/31?

Was there a double fatality near Island Lake on Saturday afternoon, December 31st?

About 2:30PM McHenry County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a house on the north side of Route 176, just east of the Fox River in unincorporated McHenry County. About 7:30PM numerous County squad cars were still there, and the McHenry County Coroner was seen leaving.

If a serious incident occurred there on Saturday afternoon, is there some good reason that there is no information, even by this time almost 24 hours later, on the websites of the two area daily newspapers?

Was the public ever in need of an alert, say, via NIXLE? If deaths occurred in that house, did deputies quickly determine that no risk to the public existed? Were autopsies conducted today? Residents should not have to wait for the Sheriff''s Department Public Information Officer to return to work on Tuesday.

In a call to the Sheriff's Department at 1:16PM I learned that no press release is available. I left a message for a command officer to call with any available information. Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Who was the Sheriff's Department supervisor at the scene and why was there no information to the press? Who was the Deputy Coroner whose week-end was interrupted?

Where are the Sheriff and the Undersheriff? Are both out of town on this holiday week-end? At least, one of them ought to be around and running things.


Concerned Citizen said...

I see your New Years resolution 'WAS NOT' to constantly find fault with the loacl PD's ...especially the MCSO.

Gus said...

Wish you were right, but my New Year's Resolution WAS to not find fault. I just broke it quickly.

Gus said...

Still nothing in the Northwest Herald or the Daily Herald.

No one from MCSD has returned my call.

Anyone know what happened there. Call me at 815.338.2666, if you don't want to e-mail.

Concerned Citizen said...

Ever think you are wrong?

Gus said...

Sure I do, so help me out here. What were all the MCSD deputies and the Coroner doing at that house on Saturday afternoon?