Saturday, January 21, 2012

Down with Lay's chips

I gave up on Lay's regular potato chips years ago, because I got tired of all the broken chips in every bag. I mean, do the workers have to walk on every bag?

So, when I buy chips, I buy Lay's Wavy Chips. At least, up until this week. Now the Wavy chips are all broken, too. And I noticed that Lay's took their satisfaction guarantee and phone number off the back of the bag. I can guess why!

So, are you disappointed (angry sometimes?) when you open a bag of chips and find very few whole chips? It's really hard to enjoy chips and dip when you end up with more dip on your finger than you do on the chip!

Just in case you are looking for the number at which you can call Customer Service at Frito-Lay, here it is: 800-352-4477. If you too think you ought to get more than 6-8-10 whole chips in a 10-oz. bag of Lay's chips, give 'em a call and a piece of your mind.

1 comment:

The Madd Bulldog said...

1. Yea, its lays fault the chips are all crumbs. Duh- probably from all the mishandling from the distributor to the mom yelling at he kid to put the chips back on the rack!
2. With your "ticker", why are you eat'n chips?

Well, I suppose I could ask myself with a liver the size of a basketball, why do I drink. Cuz I like to thats why!!!!!! DOH!!!