Thursday, January 26, 2012

How important is spelling?

The Associated Press reports that, after 18 months, the spelling of "SHCOOL" has been corrected in front of a New York City school building. The AP said that the Consolidated Edison utility used heavy equipment to grind away the H and C from the street surface, so that drivers would know they were in front of a "school" after the word repainted and spelled correctly.

ConEd could have saved a lot of money by just offering a $5.00 reward to the first 50 people who called to report the misspelling and congratulating them on their astute observation.

That was on Page 2 of this morning's Northwest Herald, under State Briefs.

Right across the fold, on Page 3, was this headline, "Number of abortions roprted (sic) in state drops." The word "reported" was spelled correctly in the copy from the wire service.

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