Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WPD Det. Sgt. retiring

The Woodstock City Council is poised to issue a proclamation tonight, recognizing Det. Sgt. Kurt Rosenquist for his 27 years of employment with the Woodstock Police Department.

In 27 years you get to see a lot of people come and go within a department, and you get to see many events and incidents and cases, some of which, I am sure, Kurt would have preferred not to see. I suspect there were a lot of times Kurt wanted to "walk", but he didn't.

Sometimes officers and detectives keep "working" a case after they separate from a department. Maybe Kurt will keep working the Beth Bentley mysterious disappearance. As a retired officer, he may not be constrained by the limitations imposed on him by his oath of office, his duties and the law. He'll no longer have to give a suspect any Miranda Warning.

I imagine that Kurt has a good idea what happened to Beth Bentley and just who, even right here in Woodstock, knows more than she or he has said. Maybe the Bentley family will hire him to pursue those who could lead to finding Beth.

Maybe he'll write a book about his career and a chapter about the Bentley case. Or maybe he'll start a blog.

Thanks for your 27 years of work, Kurt. Sorry that you weren't able to solve the Bentley case before retirement.

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Debra said...

Oh this is sad news!! He is one of the GOOD GUYS!!!
Det. Rosenquist has been a consistently good man and I feel he will be sorely missed by our town even IF he is not acknowledged as he should be.
It would be awesome if he does something in the private sector to solve the Bentley case. Maybe his hands were tied by the letter of the law that constrains the department.
I for one wish him the best and thank him for his time served to better our community!