Sunday, January 8, 2012

Greg Pyle - 10 counts, Criminal Sexual Assault

A deputy of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, Greg Pyle, has been charged with ten counts of Criminal Sexual Assault, at least some involving a child under Age 13. Pyle, a sergeant with the MCSD, bonded out of McHenry County Jail early this morning, just after midnight.

The name of the judge handling the bond was not available. This immediately brought to mind the case involving Judge Chmiel, who handled a bond on a Saturday afternoon for a politically-connected person so that that person would not have to sit in jail over the week-end and wait for a regularly-scheduled bond court on Monday morning.

How did Pyle get such favorable treatment at midnight on a Saturday?

Pyle's bond was set at $200,000 and he posted $20,000. Why'd they let him go so fast? Why didn't they keep him around for a while in an orange jumpsuit while they interrograted him?

Crystal Lake Police may be the agency that took the original report. The Northwest Herald reporter got sandbagged, when he wrote his story from a "statement release Saturday evening" which, just conveniently, is not posted on the Sheriff's Dept. website. Supposedly, Pyle was placed on administrative leave on Friday night, after MCSD supervisors "were notified of a 'domestic issue involving the officer and his family'."

I'd say that ten counts of criminal sexual assault, at least some involving a child under age 13, would qualify as an "issue".

Quick, everybody. Look outside. Did it snow 18-20 inches last night? Do we need to dig out the snow shovels? And how nice that the Illinois State Police mouthpiece said that Pyle will be paid while on leave. BALONEY! Undersheriff Zinke, unpaid leave!!!

What McHenry County needs is a senior law enforcement official who understands to whom he is responsible and accountable. If the sheriff is taking an extended vacation up in Minocqua, Wisconsin, call him on his cell phone and wake him up. (By the way, did he drive up there in his personal vehicle? Is his Department-issued vehicle parked in the MCSD lot or in the garage at the Department?)

Zinke needs to be out front on this, on behalf of The People. There was much he could have said that would not have interfered with any investigation by the Illinois State Police. It's not like the cops were getting ready to spring a surprise arrest on someone after a lengthy investigation and are afraid that he might flee.

Zinke may have just shot himself in the foot over the handling of this and begun to spoil his chances for election in 2014 (or sooner appointment).

Bonds on charges like these normally include an Order of Protection and an Order to turn in Firearms and the FOID card. When a deputy is so charged, he, of course, cannot work without a FOID card and weapon, so why wouldn't he be put on unpaid administrative leave?


Concerned Citizen said...

I agree that the charges are serious but if a police officer is put on UNPAID status it is punitive.Just as one is presumed innocent,you can not take away pay until there has been a hearing. Discipline is CIVIL and comes after the Criminal.

This is part of LAW and must be followed. Remember the Chicago cop that beat up the female bartender? He was on paid status for well ovrr a year.

As for BOND. There was a warrant and bond was set by the judge prior to the arrest. If he has 20k to post, he walks. The police can't just decide to keep him.

Gus said...

OK, so put him on (punitive) unpaid admin. leave, then give him the money when he is found innocent. Do you think, if he is found guilty, that he's going to give the money back two years from now?

Maybe MCSD should have the hearing Monday morning and change his status to unpaid leave. Reason: actions that reflect poorly on MCSD.

Good thing that Pyle didn't leave home without his AmEx card.

Just Furious said...

Daddy is rich. He had to run down to Joliet to pick up the cash. It's a scam. He was given the heads up on the bond amount. Check the address he is using as his new place of residence. It can be found in the bond paperwork. Another famous deputy, his K9 unit and an ISP cop live there. Did Sir Pumkin turn in his weapons or just his ammo? Must have been a long night at the department collecting all of Sir Pumkin's gear, belongings and possible evidence from inside his squad car. Maybe someone should ask him about his trip to England a few years back. Any teenagers involved then?
Cheerio scumbag!