Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why is MCSD keeping mum?

There is a search on for a McHenry County Sheriff's Deputy, who is wanted on a State Police warrant for a crime in Crystal Lake.

Doesn't the public deserve to know more?

Like the name? A vehicle description? The basis for the warrant? Any danger to the public?

Reportedly the deputy is one who would be in possession of heavy firepower because of his membership in MCSD's elite group - the SWAT Team, trained and equipped with heavy firepower. Even possibly fully-automatic weapons?

Is the guy mentally stable? Any chance he might go after anyone locally? At least one reader thought so and issued a comment last night to an earlier article.

Rumors were flying a while back that he was the author of the anti-Woodstock Advocate blog that existed for a short time, until some brain cells got lined back up and he deleted it.

Undersheriff Andy Zinke flinched and refused to name the deputy, passing the buck to the Illinois State Police. Remember, that's who wants to be the next sheriff and has already announced his intentions 2014 election cycle. Will that be enough time to learn what "Protect & Serve" means? It means "protect & serve the public"!

ISP District 2 (these are our protectors) passed the buck to ISP Information Officer Monique Bond, who at 8:40PM said she'd call me back.My calendar has seven days on it. Hers might have an eighth day, "Someday". She didn't call.

At 7:37AM the Crystal Lake P.D. said they don't have anyone in custody. Where is that silver pick-up? How much longer will it take Crystal Lake PD, the State Police, or Undersheriff Zinke to decide that they really need to release the wanted deputy's name?

How about a vehicle description and license plate? How about posting it on the electronic information boards on the Tollway on the way to Joliet? Twelve hours ago would have been better, but maybe now is not too late.

Will Zinke hold a press conference this morning? Where is Sheriff Keith Nygren? MIA? Will he be needed to give that deputy a three-day suspension for attracting so much bad publicity to MCSD?

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