Friday, October 11, 2013

Where will you bank in 2014?

Illinois has a new concealed-carry law. It's Public Act 098-0063, and it went into effect this year, when Gov. Quinn's veto was over-ridden. The Illinois State Police is writing the regulations now and preparing the application form and standards. Sometime in January 2014, the ISP will begin accepting your hard-earned money and the applications, and sometime after that it will begin issuing the concealed carry licenses.

In banking stops today at Baxter Credit Union (BCU) and the McHenry County Federal Credit Union, I learned that both institutions intend to prohibit customers (and robbers, too, I hope) from entering the banks with loaded firearms.

BCU is part of Baxter International and will do what Baxter International tells it to do. The McHenry County Federal Credit Union will follow the directions issued by its Board of Directors.

We probably can't twist enough arms at Baxter, but there might be hope (and time) to persuade the MCFCU to a different point-of-view and decision.

Why does it matter? Let's say you are a robber and you are picking out a bank to rob. You drive up and see this sign.

If you think like Willie Sutton, you'll go right in. When asked he robbed banks, a popular story is that Willie said, "That's where the money is."

And the robber will think, "And nobody is going to be armed in there." So in he goes. Or she, as the case may be.

As a customer, do you think your chances of being in a bank when it is robbed are better or worse, if this sign is on the door? (I was in United Bank of Denver in 1979, when it was robbed. I was second-in-line behind the robber. He was so good (and quiet) that no customers realized the bank had been robbed until the cops showed up. I had an early clue because the teller was in shock. The note was still on the counter.)

A concealed-carry licensee isn't going to start blasting away during a robbery unless someone is getting hurt. If the robber has started pulling the trigger, then it's time to shoot back. If he already has the money and is halfway out the door, we won't start shooting. Let the cops catch him.

If you agree that the MCFCU should not post against concealed carry of loaded firearms by licensed, law-abiding citizens, then write today to the Supervisory Committee, McHenry County Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 936, Crystal Lake, IL 60039. State your request, and ask to be informed of the date and time of the Board meetings where this policy will be discussed.


Big Daddy said...

I'm not sure where I will be banking next year but I can at least tell you where I will not. Any bank that prohibits ccw. And that will also include any other type business that prohibits ccw. While I can ccw already due to my employment, I will not support any business that prohibits other citizens from exercising their rights. Don't want me to bring my gun? Then you don't want me to spend my money at your business. And I won't.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, many thanks for your support.

I've started asking in each business I patronize, few as they are, if they will NOT post against concealed carry. I think we citizens don't realize how many will unthinkingly do so.