Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Was arrested man injured by deputies?

Last week a story was published about Thomas A. Novak, a 17-year-old McHenry area resident, who claims, through his father and his attorney, that he was beaten by three deputies of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Novak and his girlfriend were apparently walking along River Road near West Burnett Road, in the County but outside the City of McHenry, about 12:30AM on Saturday, October 19. The girlfriend told TV viewers that, after Novak was handcuffed, then one of the deputies "grabbed him (Novak) by his hair and banged his head into the cement."

Did Novak not receive medical treatment at the scene or the jail? Was he not treated until his father took him to the hospital? Novak's father said he was told at the hospital that his son had a skull fracture, a possible detached retina and a fractured nasal bone.

Novak was charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor and cited into court for a November 4 appearance. The charge is classified as a petty offense, not a misdemeanor.

On October 25 Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV aired this broadcast with Novak's father, their lawyer and his son's girlfriend: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=9301908

The names of the three deputies involved have not been released, but Undersheriff Andy Zinke has already approved their conduct, after watching the in-car video/audio recording.

The identity of the deputies who were involved is not common knowledge at the Sheriff's Department. One source, who spoke confidentially for lack of authorization to speak on behalf of the department, told me that they are keeping it "under wraps".

With the current demands for increased transparency at the Sheriff's Department, wouldn't you think that they would be "out front" with the arrest and get treatment for an injured person in custody? Does the booking photo show the bruising on Novak's head and the injury to his left eye?


Joseph Monack said...

Zinke approved of the conduct, but has to keep it "under wraps".

Big Daddy said...

I dunno Gus. I find it hard to believe in this day and age that three Sheriff Deputies would stop this guy, beat him up and then leave. Why no arrest, why no trip to a hospital? I guess we shall see in the civil law suit. I'd like to know what's on that video that prompted the Under Sheriff to make those statements KNOWING that everything will be made available to the lawyers. I'm not taking sides here, just wondering.

Gus said...

Obviously, there is a lot more to this. Ex., was Novak transported to the jail? If so, were visible injuries documented at intake? From what location was he released to a parent? What was involvement of girlfriend? Was she detained? Transported? Left on the side of the road? Were parents of each called?