Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beth Bentley - now gone 176 weeks

Last Sunday there was an article in the Chicago Tribune about a 225 sq. mi. search for Nicholas Steward, 33, a Lake Villa man who vanished on September 20. Supposedly he was on the way home from his engineering job in Wood Dale.

The article included this: "About 5 p.m., Steward left his engineering job and texted his wife, Megan, to let her know. Twenty-eight minutes later, his I-Pass transponder shows that his car passed through the northbound Touhy Avenue Toll Plaza, friends said"

When Beth Bentley vanished sometime between May 20-24, 2010, did Woodstock Police or any other agency ask for the I-Pass records of any transponder in the rental car that Beth and Jenn Wyatt reportedly drove to Mt. Vernon? Did they take the Tollway at any point? Did Jenn take the Tollway at any point on the return trip on Monday, May 24?

In the search for Steward, somebody got information out of the Tollway about his September 20 toll deduction for his I-Pass. Presumably, the Tollway Authority would only release information to the accountholder or the police. How would the police get the information? Is there a working relationship between the Tollway Authority and police departments? Did they need a subpoena?

Did Woodstock PD contact the Tollway?

Maybe they did. Beth Bentley's case has always been classified as a Missing Person case, not as a crime. It would certainly seem that the Woodstock PD could release much more information than it has, since they have never called her disappearance a crime.

Just about everybody else thinks a crime is involved. A mother of three, wife, office manager, friend doesn't usually just walk away with the clothes on her back and no known traveling money.

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