Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vandalism surge in Woodstock

What's up with the vandalism surge in Woodstock?

In the monthly reports of the Woodstock Police Department to the City Manager (and Mayor and City Council), Vandalized Property of $22,800 was reported for July 2013 and of $42,105 was reported for August 2013. That's $64,905 in two months.

How does this compare with previous months?

$80,438 was reported as the total for the 22-month period prior to July of this year, for an average of $3.656/month. The low reported vandalism in the 22-month prior period was $1,610 (August 2012) and the high was $5,525 (May 2012).

What was "special" about July and August of this year? Do you remember any significant reports of vandalism in the news?

What should the Woodstock Police be making public about vandalism? Were there isolated incidents involving major vandalism? Or were there "sprees"? What parts of Woodstock were hit?

According to the report for July, twenty (20) vehicles were damaged and burglarized on July 8-9 on Woodstock's south side. Have there been arrests? Were there any tips to Crime Stoppers of McHenry County?

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