Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beth Bentley - Week 177

Where should the case of Beth Bentley focus?

Bentley, a Woodstock resident in May 2010, reportedly vanished on Sunday, May 23, 2010, from Centralia, Ill. Did she?

Did she really ever leave Woodstock on May 20?
Did her friend, Jenn Wyatt, and she drive overnight to rural Mt. Vernon, Ill.?
Did they eat in the Frosty Mug on Friday night?
Did they rent a boat on Saturday?
Did Jenn drive Beth to Centralia on Sunday afternoon, May 23?
Did Jenn drop Beth off near the Centralia Amtrak Station about 6:00PM and really not know Beth's plans after that?
Why did Beth leave the rental car with Jenn, if she did? (Jenn's California driver's license was expired.)
What were Jenn's plans to meet Beth on Monday, so that Beth could retrieve her car from Jenn's garage at 749 Tara Drive, Woodstock?
Why wasn't Beth's disappearance reported to Woodstock Police before late Monday, May 24, 2010?

From where did Beth really disappear? And that raises the question -

What police agency should be leading the investigation?

Woodstock PD?
Jefferson County (Ill.) Sheriff's Dept. (the Ridge house, reported to be the destination of Beth and Jenn on Thursday night, was in rural Mt. Vernon)?
Centralia (Ill.) PD?
Mt. Vernon (Ill.) PD?
Illinois State Police?


Big Daddy said...

Gus, as to who should be handling this investigation, it depends. Where and when was it discovered that she was missing. Did her friend Jenn arrive at her home to pick her up for their trip only to find that Beth wasn't home? Then the Woodstock PD should handle it. Did they arrive at their destination when Beth disappeared? Then the law enforcement agency covering that jurisdiction should handle it. Did they cross state lines? Then another agency should handle it. But the more important question is was there any evidence of foul play. If not, then it's going to be treated as a missing by all.
Gus, I've handled many missings in my time. Most if not all of the missings loved ones or friends suspect foul play believing that the missing would never harm themselves, that they must have been kidnapped or murdered. But the truth is most were suicides. They go off somewhere and kill themselves. Sometimes in a wooded area, sometimes in an industrial area, sometimes miles away, sometimes near home. Sometimes they take things with them, things like money, mementos etc. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes we find them riht away. Sometimes we find them years later. Sometimes we never find them.

As to why the disapperance was't reported right away, it could be because most people including some Police Officers believe that you have to wait a certain amount of time to make a Missing Persons report when the missing is an adult. That is not true of course but they think so. That could be the case here.

I'm not saying that this is what Beth did. I don't know as I have no particulars of this case. But I wouldn't be surprised. In any event, I wish her, her family and her friends the best and hope they get some type of closure one way or the other.

Gus said...

Previously, I have written that Jenn called me on 6/10/10 and told me that Beth never intended to take a train (from Centralia), when Jenn said she dropped her off there. (If she wasn't going to take a train, then she had to be meeting someone.) And that Beth and she were to meet up in northern Illinois on Monday, so that Beth could get her car and get home, before her husband got home from work on Monday.

This is why the time-frame of the report is suspicious.

Cellphone activity on 5/24/10 does not indicate an intense pattern of efforts to connect with Beth.

Police have not said at what time Jenn arrived back in Woodstock.

In fact, police reporting to the public is sparse for what is called a "missing person" case.