Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No window-shopping for ObamaCare

An Associated Press article in this morning's Northwest Herald reveals (probably not for the first time) that there won't be any lookie-lous hanging around the ObamaCare websites.

If you want to find out how bad (high) your premiums will be, you're going to have to sign up and log in. I wonder how many times "Mickey Mouse" will register and if there is some "small print" there that makes a criminal out of you, if you use any name other than your real name.

I don't know about you, but I detest websites that force you to register before letting you look around. I wonder if they track the number of visitors who abandon their visits, once they run into the registration requirement. Will NSA be tracking those who visit but don't sign up?

Sam Karp calls it a "major design flaw." To find out who Sam karp is, read the article.

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Mike said...

Last I heard the penalty for telling Obama and the rest of the Tyrants to go scratch could only be collected from your tax refund. Simple way around that. Rearrange your withholding so that you have one dollar coming back at the end of the year. If they want it god bless them. As for the rest of the penalty, it is better to owe it to them than cheat them out of it.