Saturday, October 12, 2013

Illinois to license illegal aliens

You may have read in last week's paper that Illinois will begin issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens in January.

You can thank the Associated Press for its misleading description of what will happen in January: "Illinois’ secretary of state’s office is preparing to launch a massive effort that gives as many as 250,000 immigrants who are in the country illegally permission to drive." And thank the Northwest Herald for repeating the lie.

Nice, huh?

What Illinois will begin doing is granting driving privileges to men and women who are in the United States illegally. What part of illegal do Jesse White and Pat Quinn and our legislature not understand???

A person in the U.S.A. illegally is not an immigrant. He (or she) is an illegal alien. Illegal.

Many of them don't speak English, so how will they understand the Rules of the Road?

How long will the lines be at the DMV?

Maybe not very long. Maybe the illegals will worry about being identified and arrested, and deported. Maybe there will be a run on t-shirts and sweatshirts with "INS" printed on them. You know, I'm Not Satisfied.

Maybe an old white school bus with a sign, "Free rides to the Sheriff's Dept." Will there be a run on "badges"?

Anybody else upset with Obama and Quinn and the Chicago Dumocrats? Did we miss the "national conversation" or a "collaborative" effort?

About four years ago an acquaintance "in the know" told me that he believed about 40% of the Mexicans in McHenry County were here illegally. Of the 40,000, that would have meant that there were 16,000 illegal aliens in McHenry County. Is every one of them paying his way?

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