Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you believe this?

I just received a Flag alert that October 6, 2013, is to be a Flag half-staff day. And why, you ask?

Because our Fearless Leader, Mr. "Nose-in-the-Air" President, has proclaimed October 6th to be the day to honor National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service.

So on Sunday, when the U.S. Government is shut down, Federal employees will turn out, at overtime pay, I presume, to lower all U.S. Flags. And the States will follow. Will this mean State employees, at overtime pay, will show up at dawn to lower flags, and then return at dusk to raise them?

Will this be a full day (or perhaps a 12-hour day) at over-time pay?

We can best honor fallen firefighters by remembering them as we drive past our Flag, while it is flying proudly at the top of its pole.

I'm about ready to purchase a flagpole, so that I can fly my Flag at full-staff every day and, with lights, every night. And refuse to lower it. The U.S. Flag should be flown at the top of the staff every day and NEVER lowered!

By the way, thanks to WFRD Station 1 for installing lights for its 24/7 flag out front.

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