Tuesday, October 1, 2013

8th Grader's "gun" at school - duh, insane!

Have you ever been disciplined for pointing a gun at school? Ever play cops-and-robbers? Or cowboys-and-Indians?

How is an 8-year-old going to answer this question on future employment applications, say, after college or for the military? A student was arrested for pointing his finger at school. Oh, me. Oh, my!

Is anyone else outraged by the action at Harmony Community School in St. Cloud, Florida?

Cary to sound off to Principal Jonathan Davis? Write to davisj@osceola.k12.fl.us

The student's mother, Bonnie Bennett, intends to go to the mat with the school on her son's behalf. I say, "Good for her."

School administrators have gone over the falls with their attitudes and actions. They can suspend a child without due process. The parent can then challenge the discipline, but it has already been invoked.

Those school folks in St. Cloud are nuts and should be thrown in jail for bullying a student.

But what happens right here in McHenry County? In Woodstock? If I go to a school district meeting and aim my .38-cal. finger at the School Board members, am I going to get arrested?

Remember the story of Greg Kachka in Island Lake, who was arrested for disorderly conduct for pointing his finger as he gestured in conversation with another man at a Village Board meeting?

Greg should have sued the Trustee and the Village Clerk at the time (and the Village) for false arrest, defamation of character, frivolous legal action, etc., but I doubt he did. I still have the t-shirt I bought from his legal defense fund, and I hope he is well.

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Mike said...

If that were my 8 year old they would be going to school on any suspension given for such nonsense. I know because I would be with him or her. The only way either would be leaving would be under arrest. Then heaven help the school administrators.