Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quickie divorce capital of Illinois

Will McHenry County become the quickie-divorce capital of the State of Illinois?

A "quickie divorce" is, by my definition, one that happens in one week.

Even better if you can D-I-Y (Do It Yourself); i.e., without an attorney (pro se).

And even better than that, if you can get the $241 filing fee waived.

A week of so ago, my attention was called to a divorce case that was resolved in one week in McHenry County Circuit Court. It was filed on September 18, when the Plaintiff filed a Petition to sue as a poor person (meaning, I think, that the Court fees for filing will be waived). That Plaintiff even filed pro se. Only one week later, on the prove-up date, the dissolution was granted.

What has changed in McHenry County that a person can get divorced in one week? Without a lawyer? What if children are involved?

Doesn't the Court require parents to attend classes to insure that their children will be treated "properly" by both parents (or whatever purpose such classes have)?

If you are getting divorced in McHenry County and if your lawyer is dragging it out for weeks or months (or years) and you are wondering whether there will be anything left for your own kids, ask him or her about these recent cases. Tell your lawyer he has a week to finish it.

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