Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fred, the lost husky, has been found

Last week I wrote about Fred, a husky who was lost near U.S. 14 and Deer Cut Road.

I am saddened to inform readers that Fred was found and that he had been shot.

Apparently, on the day that Fred got loose, he was found on a property and had invaded a closed area of small animals. The property owner mistook him for a coyote and was protecting his property. He attempted to locate Fred's owner and, after he did, he returned the dog's collar.

Huskies are known to run, and I was once told that they were "escape artists"; they love to run. A family member had one, and it didn't take the dog long to dig under the fence and escape any time he wanted to. 

The above is a good story; right? While you might not like the ending, well ...

Well, it turns out that that isn't the story! The shooter was not so forthcoming.

Stay tuned ... more to follow...

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