Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beth Bentley - gone 178 weeks now

Three years ago, in the Fall, some people were ready were ready to go to Mt. Vernon and walk the fields to try to find Beth Bentley. Bentley, 41 in 2010, vanished sometime between May 20-23, 2010; Maybe from the Mt. Vernon area; maybe not.

Some people did take intentional strolls in certain parts of McHenry and Woodstock, attempting to find some trace of Beth. No trace was found,.

There are people who think foul play was involved in Beth's disappearance. If so, are there those in Beth's circle of friends and acquaintances who know what happened to her? If there are, how long will be it be until one of them can't stand the pressure and comes forward?

Have threats been made against those with knowledge of this type? Will one of them finally say, "This is enough. I'm talking!"

Be careful to whom you talk. Document your knowledge first. Do that with an independent person or authority. Record it. Videotape it. Put it in a safe place, along with instructions for what to do with it, if you are the next one to vanish.

And then stand up. Stand up for yourself and for Beth. Go ahead and thumb your nose at anyone who threatens you.

Report every threat. If there are people in the line-of-reporting whom you don't trust, tell someone else, too.

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