Saturday, October 12, 2013

ISP reveals "No Guns" door sign

The Illinois State Police has released this sign as the "official" sign to keep legally-armed citizens out of businesses and other places.

A Chicago Tribune article so informs readers. 

The minimum size for the size is 4" x 6". A red circle with a diagonal slash on a white background is supposed to alert arriving customers, patrons and visitors not to carry in their firearms. Signs can be larger than the minimum.

The language on the sign reads, "Pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/65". In English. But wouldn't you think that, with all the brainpower behind the concealed carry law and its administration, somebody would figure out that "66/65" might not mean much to the common guy who is walking up to his favorite store?

The "65" means Section 65 of 430 ILCS 66. Want to read the "fine print"? Put on a large pot of black coffee, grab your NoDoz, and click here.

For me, this sign will be a "No Shopping" sign.

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