Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scharff blog temporarily down

If you are having trouble getting onto Paul Scharff's blog at, you are not alone.

Paul is aware of the problem and is working on the solution.

Paul is author of Murder in McHenry and will be in McHenry County on Thursday, November 21, to speak at Bill Prim's next fundraiser, which will be at Marzano's in McHenry.

Pick up (as in "buy") your own copy on November 21 and Paul will sign it for you. If you can't wait, grab it at your favorite local bookseller. If they don't have it, click on the title and buy it from Amazon (including the Kindle version).

Paul hasn't announced any author's book-signing dates (yet) while he's here, but watch for them in case he schedules them.

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