Friday, October 4, 2013

FEN v. Nygren, Leist

Read Cal Skinner's excellent summary of today's court hearing in the case of against Sheriff Nygren and Legal Affairs officer Don Leist.

It was no surprise to me that the Office of (Illinois) State Appellate Defender wouldn't snap up the case for the defense. It's clearly not in their mandate to do so. So, when Leist told Judge Meyer recently that Nygren and Leist would accept representation by OSAD, what was he really saying?

Cough, cough.... somebody, please turn on the ventilation system....

You can read the McHenry County Blog (click on it) for Cal's story. It sounds to me like Judge Meyer is going to jam an attorney down their collective throats. Nygren and Leist can't seem to find anybody to represent them. Did they try James Sotos? Didn't he want the case? Not even for (how many? $400?) dollars an hour?

Maybe nobody wants it because they don't want to be on the losing end of the stick (again).

David is about to slay Goliath. That's how it is shaping up.

Cal's story ends with: "(McHenry County First Assistant State's Attorney Norm) Vinton pointed out that Nygren is expected to appeal, if he loses.  (After the session, one attorney observed that the Appellate Court would take a year to render a decision, placing it after next year’s General Election.)"

So the Public gets all the dirt either before Zinke loses the race for Sheriff or after. But the Public will get the dirt. By that time, there will be all new faces at the top of the pile at the Sheriff's Department.

Next date for court: October 10, 9:30AM

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