Thursday, October 10, 2013

Revolt - anybody ready?

Is anybody else about ready to revolt against Obama and his stupid decisions contributing to the shutdown of the Federal Government?

Today I was thinking about a friend's planned trip to the Grand Canyon, and I searched for the website for the Grand Canyon. Here's the message that greeted me:

"Because of the federal government shutdown, all national parks are closed and National Park Service webpages are not operating. For more information, go to"

 I think it's time to shut down the White House.

No more fine-dining for the First Family.
Let them scoop the poop of their own pets.
Let them cook their own meals, do their own laundry, make their own beds.
No more limo service. They can just stay home and watch TV for the duration.

And if there is no work to be done by Federal employees, then don't pay them. Sure it'll hurt. Nothing will push them to our side faster!

And, if the guards are going to keep veterans away from memorials in D.C., make sure they arrest Nancy Pelosi and her gang when they are trespassing. Bust her first and wipe that smirk off her face. She is absolutely no better than anyone else. And arrest all those illegal aliens on the Mall.

An acquaintance told me today that he believes Obama is trying to destroy the U.S.A. What do you think?


Notawannabee said...

"Obama is trying to destroy the U.S.A. What do you think?"

We actually agree on something!

Big Daddy said...

Gus, it's time for a revolution. Those are OUR parks, OUR memorials, not the federal governments. I've been to the memorials in DC. I do not recall ever seeing a guard or police officer guarding the park or memorial or seeing any kind of entrance. They are all open air by design. Can you imagine the gall of the government or the police to deny the WWII vets who are a rapidly vanishing breed entrance to THEIR memorial? Shameful!We need to take back our government and kick those bums out.

Mike said...

Big Daddy, It is coming!