Monday, February 7, 2011

Mark Indyke for City Council

Woodstock businessowner Mark Indyke is in the race for City Council, and he is in to win. Two years ago Mark was a newcomer to politics and ran for Mayor of Woodstock against incumbent Brian Sager. Mark found a lot of support and garnered about 1/3 of the votes cast in that election.

This year Mark is running for one of the three Council seats that are up for election on April 5. Mark already has strong support. When he submitted his petitions, he was required to have only 24 signers. He turned in petitions with 300+ signatures!

Residents of Woodstock for 11 years, Mark and his wife, Leslie-Anne, started Dog in Suds, Ltd. in 2005. Located at 501 South Eastwood Drive, the business is easy to find, between Burger King and the Citgo gas station. There is plenty of parking.

What does Mark stand for?

1. Improved economic development efforts by the City, including preservation of Woodstock's historic heritage;
2. Money and power should not influence Council decisions;
3. Fair and equal enforcement of ordinances.

Mark was at last week's City Council meeting and addressed the Council about the gravel-mining operation on U.S. 14. His reaction about the Council's concerns for the groundwater today was, "The idea of yearly water sampling is ludicrous!"

You can support Mark's campaign with time and money. See him at his business or call him at (815) 338-3647.

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