Saturday, February 19, 2011

District 300 paid for that?

"Consultant tells district to make shift toward teaching, learning."

Carpentersville District 300 paid for that advice? Did they hear it? So what do they do? They are scratching five administrator positions and creating five new assistant superintendent positions for teaching and learning. Hello? What do they think those are? They sure sound like "administrator" positions to me.

But you know? You could probably fill in any District name and number, so I don't feel like I'm picking on Carpentersville.

Maybe I'm reacting to the high salaries in McHenry District 156. Or to my feelings about many administrators in other districts. In my opinion, a bunch of them are not worth what they are being paid. When I attend meetings and price out the cost of the meeting, I am appalled.

Next time you go to a meeting at a school, make a list. Guess at their pay and their hourly rate (you'll be low). What do they contribute to the meeting? What does that meeting "cost"? Now, add 30% for benefits. And don't forget their travel time. Plus the cost of the substitute teacher.

If schools had to operate on a business model (efficiency, productivity, cost/benefit ratios, etc.), they'd be chasing Borders' down the drain. And the scary part is, when those administrators get out of the way, their replacements are going to cost you/us even more!

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