Sunday, July 25, 2010

Worse than I thought

Yesterday I wrote about a police escort for a veteran returning to Woodstock. A McHenry County Sheriff's deputy was escorting a parade of motorcycles and using red lights and siren to wreak havoc on southbound traffic on Illinois Route 47.

This morning's Northwest Herald revealed more about it, indicating the escort was to honor Lt. Col. Edward Wood. I certainly acknowledge Lt. Col. Wood for his 20 years in the Army.

My complaint yesterday, and it is compounded by reading today's article, is that, according to the article, Lt. Col. Wood had arrived in Woodstock on Friday evening by train. "On Saturday, he was escorted from Huntley back to Woodstock, parading around Emricson Park with a fleet of Warriors' Watch Riders, firefighters and police officers."

Some may read this as a barb at Col. Wood's military service. It definitely is not. I thank him for serving. But that's his job; it's his employment. It's what he chose.

It is, however, a barb at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department for authorizing a deputy to improperly use red lights and siren on a state road. And, if resources of the Woodstock Police Department and the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District were utilized for a "parade" to recognize one individual, then that was wrong, too.

This improper use of tax-supported, public service equipment must stop!


JOHN said...

Gus you've got them now! I'm forwarding your post to the Illinois Attorney General, U.S. Attorney General, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and Home Land Security. It's vigilant Americans like yourself that keep our country strong. Oh and by the way quit calling the Sheriff's and Police Departments every time you get your undies in a bunch. They've got enough to do without you wasting their resources.

Gus said...

So, JOHN, who ya gonna call when deputies are breaking the laws? Ghostbusters?

JOHN said...

No Gus I'm calling you because you're always chasing windmills.

Whitmore2 said...

John, I wish I could contact you so that I could ask you if some of the things I've observed are worthy of police attention or not.