Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks for the laugh, D-26

The Northwest Herald provided the laugh of the day first thing this morning, with its Page 1 article about the possible ISBE take-over of D-26.

Why would the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) take over Cary School District 26? Cary D-26 is ranked fourth worst financially in the entire State of Illinois, according to today's article.

D-26 has been operating in the red for several years. Current plans are to have a balanced budget by 2015.

Promises, promises, promises...

OK, so what provided the laugh? D-26 Superintendent Brian Coleman was quoted as having said, "They (ISBE) know we're doing our best in a difficult situation."

Well, Supt. Coleman, your best (the School Board's best) isn't good enough. You have some nasty decisions to make, and the Board should make them. You've got two choices. Cut expenses or raise revenues. Since the latter choice is unlikely or impossible, that means you've got one choice.

You can make it, or you can duck it.

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