Monday, July 12, 2010

Open Letter to Sheriff Nygren & U/Sheriff Zinke

Dear Sheriff Nygren and Undersheriff Zinke,

One of your off-duty patrol supervisors had a serious motorcycle accident on June 25 in McHenry County. It was a single-vehicle accident that wrecked a motorcycle and injured the deputy. Surely, you know about this already.

Would you care to explain why no tickets have been issued and whether a press release was issued to the media?

You wouldn't have a double standard there by any chance, would you? You know, one where a civilian who wrecks a motorcycle gets a ticket, but a deputy doesn't?

Was the Illinois State Police called to investigate the crash? Did a superior officer handle the investigation? Or did a subordinate of the patrol supervisor handle the investigation? That could put him in a really bad place, if he had to ticket his boss!


Just said...

Give me a break. Press release? The police don't issue a PRESS RELEASE on every single accident.

Yesterday you beat up on a dead firefighter and today you try and find wrongdoing when a deputy spills a bike. CHEAP SHOT.

All accidents don't get tickets issued. Why would the ISP be called. It is not a COUNTY VEHICLE and here's a clue for you Gus...the ISP is rarely available anyway. Their too busy on the expressways chasing tailights.

90% of traffic accident reports are useless pieces of paper for the insurance companies anyway.

Another Lawyer said...

Hmm, aren't our police "civilians" also.

I was unaware that we had military police.