Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicago PD officer gunned down

A Chicago Police officer was gunned down Sunday morning in front of his home. Ofc. Michael Bailey, 63, had arrived at home after working overnight as a guard at Mayor Daley's home, and he was cleaning the windows on his new car.

Robbers accosted him in an apparent car theft attempt, even though he was in uniform.

Ofc. Bailey was just about a month short of retirement. Chicago Tribune reporters wrote that Bailey's son grabbed one of his father's guns and ran outside.

When will Chicago residents wake up and realize they are sitting ducks, thanks to Mayor Daley. If an armed police officer in uniform can be killed on a Sunday morning, what chance do they have?

Technically, Bailey's son broke Daley's new gun law by taking his father's gun outside the house. Was it locked and secured, as required under the new ordinance? Guns are no good, if they are not loaded and ready to be used.

Did the Bailey family live in the war zone? If not in the war zone, they lived near it, according to the article.

How fast would this type of shooting dry up, if law-abiding citizens had the right to carry concealed weapons? Let's say that the shooters were spotted by a dozen armed citizens, as they attempted their escape. Let's say those armed citizens opened up on the shooters.

Do you think the word would not get around Chicago pretty fast that it was dangerous to your life (of crime) to continue to engage in armed robberies, car thefts, drive-by shootings? It might take all of 72 hours for word to get around town.

But the 'burbs had better ready for the flight of the criminals from Chicago.

Sound like the Wild West? Maybe. And the Wild West calmed down, once the citizens took back their towns. Or so the story goes.

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