Saturday, July 10, 2010

Under-age alcohol? $500 fine!

And that doesn't mean "fine".

At Thursday's court in Woodstock, there were several cases involving under-age possession of alcohol and one case of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

One 20-year-old girl was charged with being in possession of alcohol in Emricson Park: $500 fine plus $50 court costs.

Another girl, in Raintree Park: $500 + court costs.

A 19-year-old boy: $500 + court costs.

A 16-year-old boy with alcohol on his breath in the downtown area: $500 + court costs.

An 18-year-old boy who provided alcohol to another minor: $600 + court costs.

And then there was the 19-year-old who didn't show up for court: $600 + court costs.

If you are a minor in Woodstock, you do not want to get charged with under-age possession of alcohol.

Now, here's the question-of-the-day? Possession of alcohol by a teenager is bad news and ought to carry a stiff penalty (but is $500 too stiff?).

But why does a drug charge against a very young teenager and on school property carry only a $100 fine???


Frank said...

Oh Gussy~ If I were to get a ticket for underage drinking which put me in adjudication court instad of real court I would thank my lucky stars! Is it expensive? HELL YEAH! But it sure beats losing your drivers license and having the conviction on your record!

Also, I kind of agree with the stiff penalty! If your dumb enough to do something that makes you have contact with the police AFTER you've been drinking, you probably weren't up to any good anyways.

Gus said...

I don't disagree that it is a serious offense. But $500 for the first offense? (Also realized that it was just the first time that the kid was ticketed. How many times previously, if any, did he have alcohol and not get caught?)

And it certainly beats not being in Circuit Court and losing a driver's license, even though driving was not involved.

My issue is the disparity in fines between the first-time alcohol (minor) ticket and a much-younger minor in possession of drugs on a school campus.

Hallie said...

How about the VERY young teenager will likely have his/her fine paid by mommy & daddy. Less so the case with the 19-20 future incarceree who's drinking and acting the fool and PROVIDING alcohol to another idiot in a public park. Regardless, that $100 fine to the young'un should warrant a swift kick in the behind from Mom & Dad. As for the elder delinquents, who cares? Either they pay the fine or the parents do. Seems that at this point in time perhaps Mom & Dad deserve to take SOME credit for the kid's actions. Oh, regarding your comments on the funeral procession? Anyone as miserable as you must be a prime candidate for suicide. Is that why you mention it so frequently? Here's hoping!

Gus said...

Hallie, thank you for your comment.

I'm sorry already to disappoint you and create such great sorrow for you by telling you that my mental health is sound. Plus I have strong resolve and strong backbone to stand up against what is wrong around here.

It's not popular to do so. That I'll admit.

Too many complain and don't step forward to do anything about it. I invite you to use your real Full Name on comments.

Another Lawyer said...

You missed the point. $500 for underage drinking. Which is very rare (ROTHGLMFAO). Can you spell cash cow?

I wish I was a city!