Sunday, July 25, 2010

The brave and the cowards

In McHenry County, there are the brave and there are the cowards.

Just yesterday a man said to me, "You (meaning, anyone) have to be brave to run for Sheriff in this County." He was referring to anyone who would run against an entrenched, wealthy, campaign fund-rich, incumbent.

This morning I was further reminded of the difference between the brave and the coward.

The brave are those who believe in something, who stand up for it, and who put their names to their words.

They may attract attention, not all of it positive, because of their beliefs and their comments. But they are willing to comment, to take a stand.

Others stand by and might say, "I wish I had the guts to stand up and speak out."

And then there are the cowards. They are the ones who submit anonymous comments to blogs and to the newspapers or who publish blogs anonymously. They criticize but are not willing to sign their names. You'll hear them rant at work or at gatherings. You know who they are.

Next time you are near one of them, tell him you don't like what he is saying. Then turn around and walk away.

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