Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Political Signs - the rules?

I thought there used to be some rules in McHenry County about when political signs could go up and have to be taken down. Like, perhaps, 30-60-90 days before an election. Well, there still are, and they are a joke.

Political campaign signs are now considered "temporary" signs in the County Code.

Signs are supposed to come down 30 days after an "event". In the case of political campaign signs, the next event is November 2, 2010. And the deadline for removing signs? December 2.

So, when can you put them up?

Was the County Board wide awake when they passed the ordinance? Didn't anyone ask if there ought to be a stated time-period before an event for placement of signs?

He or she might have spoken out, but the voice was so small that no one listened. The result? There is NO stated period for placing temporary signs before an event.

Perhaps after this race I'll announce for Sheriff in the November 2022 race and go ahead and start putting up signs.

Tell me ... does anyone want to have to look at political campaign signs for the next five months? I know I don't.

Municipalities within McHenry County probably have their own rules that are more limiting that the County rules.


M.U.G. said...

Rules don't apply to the rule makers as that would get in the way of their thinking.

Another Lawyer said...

Very good point MUG