Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Party Convention this week-end

Sick of politics? Sick and tired of the two-party system?

Check out the Illinois Green Party at and attend part or all of this week-end's 2010 State Convention.

When: Friday, July 30, through Sunday, August 1

Where: Loyola University's Lake Shore Campus

Register online at

Highlights include keynote addresses by Rich Whitney and LeAlan Jones. Hear Gus Philpott at 3:30PM Saturday. Attend the fundraiser on Saturday night at the legendary Heartland Cafe, and enjoy a weekend of workshops for campaigns and meeting volunteers seeking to elect Greens all over Illinois.

The convention will meet in the Simpson Living-Learning Center at 1032 W. Sheridan Road (Chicago), about halfway between the Granville and Morse stops on the El Red Line. The CTA 151 bus goes from Union Station (Amtrak) to Loyola.


NotAnyMore said...

Are they going to give yo some money so you can at least have the appearance of a real candidate?

Is there any rule when it comes to legitimate debates? I think it may be some sort of policy that in order to participate in a debate that you had to have so many primary votes or signatures on petitions or something. Do you expect to be invited to any debates?

MCSDEXPOSED has an article up talking about Zane and Nygren at the newspaper being asked questions about issues. Do you have any knowledge that will be relevent if you are ask to attend such a it down?

Are you preparing yourself or just chasing deputies around waiting for a mistake?

Gus said...

My campaign is not funded by the Green Party. I don't believe the Green Party has any type of huge warchest to fund candidates' campaigns. Neither is it funded by vendors to the County nor any deputies/employees. And not by any corporations, either.

Certainly I'll participate in all debates for the office of Sheriff.

I haven't read Zane's article, and I'm not chasing any deputies around.