Friday, July 9, 2010

CO McFarlin - which hospital?

I thought some of the corrections officers might want to send flowers to CO Sharon McFarlin, who was hospitalized after a recent motorcycle accident, but I can't find her.

The following hospitals have indicated she is not a patient there:
Rockford Memorial Hospital
Swedish American Hospital, Rockford
St. Anthony's Hospital, Rockford
Centegra Hospital - McHenry
Centegra Hospital - Woodstock
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge
Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Milwaukee

I'm sure she will appreciate flowers and get-well cards. Does anyone know where she is?


frankdojr said...

Who cares!! Her friends, co-workers and family knows where she is at. YOU, FRANK PHILPOT, don't need to know! Get over yourself!

Whitmore2 said...

I'm surprised that those hospitals told you she wasn't a patient. That information is privileged and private under HIPPA.

Gus said...

Thanks, Whitmore2. You're right. I guess they can say that they don't have a patient by a certain name.

I understand that a patient, upon admittance to a hospital, can "opt out" of the registry and can request that no information, even as to their being there, is to be given out.

Gus said...

What frankdojr misses is that, if COs had been able to learn where McFarlin was so that they could get in touch with her, then the subject never would have come up.

Seems to me that frankdojr has a major anger issue.