Friday, July 9, 2010

Woodstock court - cannabis charge

In Woodstock's Administrative Adjudication Court yesterday Judge David Eterno handled two charges of possession of cannabis. You know what that is; right?

He dealt with both cases firmly and professionally. He made it really clear to the violators that getting hauled into court on such a charge was serious business. And he acknowledged the parents, who had accompanied their children to court.

And, of course, the parents had accompanied their children to court. They had to drive them there. Why? The kids were a girl, 13, and a boy, 14. And where had they been found with the cannabis? Creekside Middle School!

What was the fine in each case? $100 minimum fine, plus $50 court costs.

The question that was begging to be asked was, "Where did you get it?" I'm sure it wasn't asked because Judge Eterno didn't want to know.

Hopefully, the Woodstock Police grilled those kids, with the parent's permission, until they coughed up the dealer's name. And, just as hopefully, the dealer won't be in Judge Eterno's court but over at the Circuit Court.

Watch for a future story about the fines for under-age possession of alcohol. You might have a few questions after that story.

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