Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grafton games continue

Will Grafton Township bankrupt itself this year?

Take a look at the article in this morning's Northwest Herald, and do the math.

According to this article, the township's budget for its fiscal year that started April 1 is operating with a $330,000 deficit. This raises the first important question - why?

The electors ought to be toting up the legal bills, which have reached $150,000. Is that since April 1??? How much did the trustees plan to spend in the entire year on legal?

It's almost worth turning off the computer and driving 15 miles to watch the antics of the trustees and the supervisor. They are not playing well in the sandbox.

Grafton Township is ripe for a mutiny or a revolution. Why the electors (township voters) put up with the squabbling and resulting waste of money for legal expenses, I don't know. Voters should clean house at the next elections and dump everyone of those at the front of the room.

The only problem is, who would want the jobs?

Will Judge Caldwell be able to rule soon enough to keep the township solvent, or will the trustees and supervisor have rushed over the edge before July 23?

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