Saturday, July 24, 2010

First signs appear

The first campaign signs have started appearing.

This one was spotted in Marengo.

Thanks to a very special family.


Picket said...

I hope that you have a lot of them printed up, Gus. It's comforting to know that the man who wants to be sheriff (or his supporters) can't even spell the position. Indicative of a lot of things regarding your candidacy.

Special indeed.

Gus said...

Congratulations to Picket. You are first to comment on the typo on the sign. I think it might have been Mark Twain who said that it is the strange and narrow-minded man who can spell a word only one way.

Actually, the person who can't spell is the printer. My supporter ordered the signs. I too noticed the typo when I first saw the signs.

The printer gave him a good price. Maybe he'll keep the typo. People notice!

Hans said...

The worst part of it all is the that correctly spelled word is right underneath the one that is not!

Its got YOUR name on it but you point the blame elsewhere. Great campaigning. What does that say to your proposed supporters?

Gus said...

Hans, are you stupid, or are you just stupid?

A supporter ordered the signs. OK? I had no part in it. I didn't choose the printer, did not okay the copy, did not proofread it or anything else. You tell me why a printer would misspell a word in one place on a sign and not in another.

The supporter didn't realize it was misspelled until I mentioned it. Get it?

I am grateful to this supporter for his interest and his in-kind contribution, which I shall report in my campaign-funding report.

I appreciate my supporters!