Thursday, July 8, 2010

Woodstock's Own Court 7/8/10

Cases were about evenly spread out today in the three scheduled hours of Judge David Eterno's court today. That's Woodstock's Administrative Adjudication Court - the lucky place some violators are sent when they cross the line. Lucky, I say, because they are a lot better off here than up at 2200 N. Seminary in Circuit Court.

And today was another day of fair handling of Woodstock's residents. Even though he doesn't live in Woodstock, Judge Eterno cares about Woodstock and its residents. Again this morning, he took time to explain to all in the courtroom how his court works.

Cases included alcohol offenses (minor in possession; public consumption; furnish to minor) truancy; unlawful possession of cannabis; drug paraphernalia; nudity in a public place. A few of these cases will be explained.

Oh, yes, and some defendants didn't show up. They will probably wish they had, when they get their "bills" from the Court.

Let's start with the end first. One of the no-show cases involved ML Investments Ltd. Partnership, which is having its ups and downs with the City over the elevator in its building. The building? The Waverly House. An elevator requires an inspection, and then a safety inspection notice is to be posted in a conspicuous place. Also, fees are payable to the City in connection with elevators.
The problem? The City can't collect the fees and, in the opinion of the City, no notice is posted in a conspicuous place. No representative of ML Investments Ltd. Partnership showed up in court today, so the judge found them in default and fined them $100 on each of two violations. A representative of the City said that legally they could shut off the elevator and padlock it, but that would deprive the tenants in the building of the elevator and remove ADA-required accessibility to the second floor facilities. The City will collect; there is no doubt about that.
Watch for postings about other cases from today's court; some of them are very interesting.

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