Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anger hurts the one who is angry

There's a fellow here in the county who has been issuing some pretty unkind thoughts about my being in the race for sheriff.

He has identified himself as a retired peace officer, and then he wrote that "I'm scared to reveal myself. Ever wonder why? I'll lose my job. A bunch of us would if we spoke out."

So, if he is a "retired peace officer" but is afraid to speak out, does he work at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?" Is he a jailer, maybe, or a courthouse security officer?

He's pretty unhappy that I'm in the race to stay. I hope he doesn't create some serious health issues for himself. He certainly is displaying a lot of anger in his writings.

If he does work at 2200 N. Seminary, probably the sheriff and the undersheriff will be trying to identify him. Freedom of speech is one thing, but the anger he is displaying is quite likely to surface on the job and create some very serious headaches (read, lawsuits and legal fees) for the sheriff's department and the taxpayers of McHenry County.

If I can get myself elected as Sheriff, employees are going to find that the muzzle on them is going to be loosened. They won't have to fear retribution and retaliation, as they apparently now do. If they have a legitimate grievance, I'll want to hear about it. The back-stabbing will stop. Yes, it'll take a while for them to learn that they can trust me. They'll get that time. A reasonable period of time. They'll need to be quick learners.

And, if they don't like working for the sheriff's department, they can resign at any time and hope to be happier elsewhere.


Whitmore2 said...

Why is he angry at you? Does he think that you will sway votes from McMahon?

Gus said...

Yes, that's his problem.

Mike Mahon will pull votes from Nygren, and I'll fly right past both of them.

NotAnyMore said...

Gus, what the hell is the matter with you???
"And, if they don't like working for the sheriff's department, they can resign at any time and hope to be happier elsewhere."
That is the kind of stuff that Nygren spews!!!

Gus said...

NotAnyMore, what I said was the atmosphere of retribution and retaliation would change. Did you miss that?

The atmosphere of fear and suspicion that I've heard about from so many needs to go. The threats of castration and crucifixion need to stop.

NotAnyMore said...

I'm talking about the trust part. Who are you talking about there? It sounds to me that you are responding to the guy who's angry. If you are responding to him by telling him to trust you or resign, that's not cool.

Gus said...

NotAnyMore, thanks for your comment.

No, I'm definitely not saying that. Trust is something that is earned. You can never tell someone to trust you. That won't work.

People must decide for themselves whether they will trust. And some won't; no matter what.