Friday, May 1, 2015

Mosby launches presidential bid

She didn't use these words, but Maryland State Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn J. Mosby may have just launched her bid to become the first black woman president of the United States.

Whoever heard of a murder investigation being wrapped up so quickly? And what's going to happen, if she prosecutes the six cops and the charges fall flat on their collective noses, because they don't have the evidence or proof of the allegations.

The reporters are going nuts with their emotional interviews. So far I haven't heard anyone say the cops are innocent until they are proven guilty.

The crowds of thugs in Baltimore and Ferguson and around the country don't want justice. They are looking for a tree with a sturdy branch and are over at Home Depot buying the rope.

Everyone of the cops charged had better zip his lips. And I'm sure he wishes that he hadn't made any reports or statements, because they WILL be used against them.

If they are guilty of something, then they should be charged and prosecuted. I don't condone "rough rides" or any kind of police brutality. Cops have to be able to take the heat, even when the thugs are screaming obscenities at them and throwing Molotov cocktails and trashcans filled with burning debris at them.

Look at the scum roaming the streets in Baltimore (and Ferguson and Chicago and all over the country). Who would hire them? They are acting like thugs, because they are thugs. And people, black and white, need to say so.

Obama, Sharpton and others have set this country back 50 years. Prejudices that had started to disappear have come back in full strength.

Did you see the video of Baltimore's Mayor, when a Fox News reporter tried to get her to answer a question? Talk about the deer-in-the-headlights look. She was scared to death. Did Sharpton tell her to keep her mouth shut? Does he hold the puppet strings in Baltimore?


Big Daddy said...

I agree Gus and absent any further information I don't see how a murder charge is warranted. And don't take this as an excuse for or to defend brutality. It's not.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, I know you don't condone or excuse brutality. Not even in retaliation or immediate defense. Just "that force which is necessary". I'm right there with you on that. Thanks.

Big Daddy said...

Thanks Gus. I appreciate the show of faith. While I have had to use force in the past, I always did that as a last resort and only the amount required to make the arrest or stay alive.